The Best Reward Is Watching Women Step Into Their Own Greatness!


I saw Emily speak at the "Breakout Bootcamp" in NYC, and it was so empowering to see someone stand in front of a room full of women and be so brave and bold. Not many motivational speakers talk about mental health including therapy and other self care. So proud to have been in the audience!

Amanda H


I am able to work from anywhere with wifi, arrange my schedule around my kids and feel like I’m contributing to our family financially. I grew my business quickly and I saw the value of having a team. Throughout the process of growing a team, I’ve found that I love coaching and inspiring others to take control of their own life, happiness and opportunities.

Anna Latham

Team Member


Before I was presented with this business opportunity, I was struggling with how to contribute to my family financially. With small children at home, I did not want to go back to my full time job. I am so grateful I said yes to trying something different. In a very short amount of time, I've been able to replace my full time salary, stay home with my children, and even though I wasn't looking for it, I gained an amazing community of support and friendship and greater confidence in myself. Don't think twice about making this leap! You will never regret it! 

Melissa Claar

Team Member


I saw Emily speak at our Leadership Summit and was blown away. She is an amazing speaker, such poise and honesty, and I really came away with some great tips for building momentum in my team, as well as how to set boundaries!  I would not hesitate to attend one of her trainings again!

Tracy O. 


I worked for a large company for over 25 years. And in that time, I experienced everything the corporate world had to offer, both good and bad. I developed important connections with vendors and associates, traveled to exotic locations, and made some great friends.  In general, I would describe my career as a success on many levels.  

Despite the positive aspects of my corporate job, I found myself growing tired of the rigid schedule and unending commute. I was left with little time for myself, or my family. Quite honestly, between daycare, conference calls, business trips and school projects, I was growing more exhausted and overwhelmed by the day…and desperately wanted out.

So, I finally made the bold, and rather scary, decision to quit. It wasn’t easy, but I knew I’d be a happier person and a better mother and wife if I could just stop all the running, relax, and have some room to breathe. To gain the freedom and flexibility I really needed, self-employment was the only answer.

I found a quality product that I truly loved, from a company that understood and respected my personal needs.  Thankfully, this new company came with an existing network of like-minded people who shared the same goals.  It’s this diverse community, of both women and men, who welcomed me with open arms and willingly shared all their knowledge and experience to help me get started.  This unique support system has provided me with endless inspiration and encouragement.

Today, my life is completely different.  I actually wake up feeling rejuvenated, knowing that I am in complete control of my life. I no longer drag myself to an office, just to sit in a cubicle and work for someone else. I am my own boss. I make the rules and set the hours. My career is what I make of it.  I now have more time for myself and my family–and we are all so much happier.  Best of all, I feel an incredible sense of ownership and pride that I’d never felt before. I am just a normal person who took a huge leap of faith, and it has changed my life forever.  

Claudia Augello

Team Member


I was so glad to be able to attend a virtual leadership training that Emily was speaking on. She spoke about vulnerability, and it really hit home. I totally get the being an alcoholic behind closed doors thing and wearing different “hats” depending on where I was going or who I was going to be around. She was so open and honest with her story, and I know she has helped so many people! I know I will see a huge difference in my business if I do the 7 things she talked about as well as be open about being an alcoholic to family and friends and eventually the rest of the world.

Jessica W.


Working with Emily has been transformative. I have learned to trust myself, my talents, my heart, my work ethic, my vision, and all of my hopes with my decision to join her has come to fruition! And I am just getting started. Emily has been a great mentor. When I received my first full month’s check and it saw that it paid off my investment with her, I texted her immediately. She was just as thrilled as I was for my success. It was wonderful. This team has so many strong and successful women and I feel truly blessed to have landed here.

Blair Carral Carter

Team Member


The biggest bonus of working with her was that it became clear to me this was the opportunity I have been looking for to change my career path. I wanted to be available to stay home more with my children, and now I can. With 16 years of dental hygiene work behind me the repetitive stress injuries were also taking a toll on my physicality. I totally jumped into business coaching with her not knowing if I could do it. But I will tell you I'm not a quitter. I pursue, I keep going. I have found to the light and the vision of personal growth and inspirational people that have helped me see how business really works. Working with her was exactly what I needed for my mind and my body as well as being able to help people find the greatest confidence in themselves their money can buy. I have found something great and I am keeping it going.

Harmony Browne

Team Member


When Emily first introduced me to entrepreneurship her way, I was looking for a way to bring more income to my family without taking time away from them. Emily is very driven and willing to help you every step of the way. If you are dedicated and coachable, she will literally tell you exactly what to do to succeed in this business. I am so thankful for her and this opportunity she has given me. I love the ability to help with the finances in our household, take our family on trips and most of all, I love that I get to share this opportunity with others every day. Building my own business with her support has given me more confidence and grit than I ever would have imagined and it is due to the foundation of Emily and her team. The people she attracts are welcoming, encouraging and unstoppable. The sisterhood, the flexibility and the financial rewards that come with entrepreneurship make it the smartest move you could ever make!

Emily Wyse

Team Member


I joined Emily quite soon after she started her business.  I trusted her, and as a friend, wanted to support her! While my business grew, my personal life was not a happy one. Over the years, my marriage had started deteriorating. I realized that I needed a way out but couldn’t face the financial worries of being a single mom with three kids. Thankfully, my business was succeeding, and earning my own money was an immediate confidence boost.  I never thought I could take care of myself, let alone my three kids, all by myself. I was able to escape a destructive relationship because my financial freedom gave me the bravery to go it alone. And it wasn’t only the financial boost that allowed me to gain my independence—the emotional support that Emily and our entire team provided was a Godsend.

Brooke Vaughey

Team Member

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