90 Days to New

Researchers at Yale have found that it takes about 90 days for the brain to break free of the effects of drugs/alcohol and reset itself. Three whole months for the brain's proper analytic and decision making functions to gradually recover. And this is probably one of the reasons that AA recommends going to meetings daily for the first 90 days. Here are some of the things I've realized in the last 90 days…..

1. Life is not unbearable without alcohol as I thought it would be. In fact, it's much better.

2. I have more time and money, and spend both more wisely.

3. Alcohol was a wedge between me and my loved ones, and now that it's gone, I feel richly blessed.

4. Reflection is a positive thing, but it has also been really tough to face the past and feel feelings that I used to drink my way through.

5. I sleep better, think more clearly, remember most things, and argue much less.

6. I can basically eat whatever the hell I want now that I don't drink thousands of empty calories a day.

7. Even just one drink will never be ok for me.

8. The good people stick around, even in the most difficult of times, and it's ok to ask them for help.

9. It's such a relief to be in control.

10. I have a life I no longer feel the need to escape from.

© 2020 by Emily Lynn Paulson

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